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Notification of WBCSC for feedback on Answer Keys of 24th SET exam held on 8th January, 2023

  NOTICE Notice 24th SET : Question Papers, Answer Keys & Jumbling Formula Last date for feedback : 31st January, 2023 Mail ID for feedback : Click Here for Answer Key Click Here for Original Notification of WBCSC The Candidates are requested to visit and for 24th SET Question Papers, Answer Keys (X SERIES ONLY) & Jumbling Formula. The Candidates are advised to go through carefully the question papers (Series X, Y & Z for Paper – I and Series X & Y for Paper II) and the answer keys. Answer Keys for Series- X of all the Subjects have been uploaded. The Candidates are also advised to match the questions from the series attempted by them following the uploaded Jumbling Formula. The Candidates may send their feedback, if required, at by 31st January, 2023 positively (any other mode of feedbacks, feedbacks beyond the above mentioned date and the feedbacks not related to the An

WB-SET Exam 2023 Paper-I Solved Question Paper : Exam Held on 8th January, 2023

  WB-SET 2023 Paper-I Solved Question Paper 1. Constructivism in classroom is (A) Teacher focused (B) Student focused (C) Activities focused (D) Questions focused Answer: Option- (D) Questions focused Answer Reference:   2. ______________ is an innovative tool that enables teachers to take students on immersive virtual journeys and field trips to various destinations.   (A) Google Classroom (B) Google Expedition (C) Google Virtual Tours (D) MS Classroom Expeditions Answer: Option- (B) Google Expedition Answer Reference: 3. _____________   type of evaluation is used for monitoring the learning process of students. (A) Summative (B) Formative (C) Diagnostic (D) Assimilative Answer: Option- (B) Formative Answer Reference: